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    영국 2022-03-03 06:55:27
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    개인 모집 Partnerships / IBs Manager (Thai) at Skilling
    • 급여 수준(USD): 1000
    • 위치: Partnerships / IBs Manager (Thai)


    Kuala Lumpur

    관련 요구 사항

    Skilling is growing. Fast.
    Skilling, a fast-growing Scandinavian brokerage, we launched over 2 years ago, we are a relatively new player in the crowded FX and CFD sector, with its own proprietary trading platform and Innovative Partner Portal is currently looking for an experienced Partnerships/IBs Manager with FX and CFDs experience to join our growing Team.

    Your Skills
    At least 2 years of FX . CFDs experience
    Excellent command of Thai and English language
    Experience in developing partner IBs relationships with active partner plan concepts
    Strong analytical and organizational skills, with a systematic approach to problems
    Excellent teamwork enabling you to form effective working relationships with people at all levels

    업무 설명서

    Developing new partnerships, widen the country’s distribution network by identifying and acquiring new partners.
    Craft and implement channel sales strategies to meet revenue target.
    Engage, train, and support partners in utilizing company services
    Develop positive relationships with partners to build business.
    Build, maintain, and manage relationships with existing partners.
    Participate in a partner planning process that develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive partnership relationship.
    Bring in your existing networks of partners /IBs /clients-traders to the company

    회사 복지

    Salary: 1,000 USD + Commission

    제품 세부 정보

    “Join.Trade.Grow” Skilling is a different CFD and FX trading broker. We are disrupting an industry by making trading simple and available to everyone. When trading is easier to understand, it gives our clients the confidence to make better investment decisions.

    We believe that great people working in a great way make Skilling a great company. Skilling now has over 60 staff working from offices in Cyprus, Malta, Spain and London. The company is built from the ground up with a group level agile culture.

    Skilling has been in development for over two years backed by experienced investors. Now, we are getting ready for launch and we want to hit 2022 running. Be part of this new adventure and apply now!

    마켓 앨범

    Amber Pradabphenkhae


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