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    ナイジェリア 2020-12-15 06:09:39
    業界 Event-A comment a day,Keep rewards worthy up to$27

    ★Background:A new function of WikiFX APP, “Daily Bonus”, will be launched, for which the event is held to bring rich prizes to our loyal users. During the event, users can leave the comments according to the requirements to win up to 27USD worth of prizes. Come and join us! Details are in the following!
    ★Event period:2020/12/15 6:00-2020/12/28 6:00 (West Africa Time, UTC +1) 
    ★How to participate:During the event, leave the comments daily below the post, which includes ‘One broker’s name’+ ‘Your email address’, and you will get the prizes!
    ★Event prize:Users who post comments for 3 days in a row can get 1 month VIP for WikiFX APP and WikiFX magazine (digital version, October-November, 2020)total worth of 10 USD;Users who post comments for 5 days in a row can get 6 months VIP for WikiFX APP and WikiFX magazine (digital version, July-December, 2020), total worth of 16 USD;Users who post comments for 7 days in a row can get 12 months VIP for WikiFX APP and WikiFX magazine (digital version, January-December, 2020), total worth of 27 USD.
    ★Winner notification and prize collection:More detail and the list of winners will be released before Dec.29, 2020 on:WikiFX Facebook Fan Page (WikiFX.NG,WikiFX.ZA );and WikiFX staff will contact the winners about prize collection from the announcement date to Jan.04, 2021.
    Please reply to the notice via email within 7 days and include the following information: WikiFX user name. Failure to reply within due time will be deemed as relinquishment to the benefit of the prize, and WikiFX will not further notify the winner or again release the prize entry.

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