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    イギリス 2020-07-09 03:17:04
    業界 Nigeria Event-Discuss Forex&Win2500NGN PhoneCredit

    /Event name:[Nigeria Event] Discuss Forex and Win 2500 NGN Mobile Phone Credit!
    /Background:EU‘s 27 members still failed to reach a consensus over the €1.85 trillion financial aid program in the latest EU video conference, leaving the matter for further discussion scheduled in mid-July. Among the scheme, the €7,50 billion economic recovery fund is much likely to be opposed by the frugal member states from Northern Europe, such as Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Denmark.
    No consensus was reached within the EU Summit. How does it affect forex? Please come and join our discussion to win mobile phone credit!
    /Event period:2020/07/09 6:00~2020/07/17 0:00 (West Africa Time , UTC +1)
    /How to participate:1.Search WikiFX on Google Play or App Store
    2.After downloading, please register as a new user. Search “Nigeria Event” at the “Wiki Forum” section or find the event post ‘[Nigeria Event] Discuss Forex and Win 2500 NGN Mobile Phone Credit!’ at the top trending searches. Leave a comment below the post that includes "How does that no consensus was reached within the EU Summit affect forex" + “Your email address”, and you will be eligible for the prize draw!
    /Event prize:Number of comments is below 120; ₦1,500 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 20.
    Number of comments is above 120; ₦2,000 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 30.
    Number of comments is above 250; ₦2,500 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 50.
    Number of comments is above 700; ₦5,000 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 150.
    /Prize draw rules:After the event, winners will be drawn from the list of eligible users.(the number of winners depends on the total number of comments during the event) It should be noted that each user account is eligible for one entry of the draw, regardless of the number of comments posted.
    /Winner notification and prize collection:The list of winners will be released on 2020/07/17 on: WikiFX Facebook Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/WikiFX.ng );and WikiFX staff will contact the winners about prize collection from the announcement date to 2020/07/24
    Please reply to the notice via email within 7 days and include the following information: WikiFX user name, contact number and mobile carrier. Failure to reply within due time will be deemed as relinquishment to the benefit of the prize, and WikiFX will not further notify the winner or again release the prize. More details on:WikiFX.NG Facebook Fan Page

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