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    ナイジェリア 2020-06-11 09:34:33
    業界 [Nigeria Event]Discuss&win 2500 Naira Phone Credit

    B/ Background:
    With a partially contained COVID-19 in the world, the recent regional riots bring a more volatile global economy, especially a severe effect on the forex market. So everyone is welcome to join us and talk about the recent and future trend toward forex market to win more mobile phone credit!

    C/ Event period:
    2020/06/11 9:00:00~2020/06/18 0:00:00(West Africa Time , UTC +1)

    D/ How to participate:
    1.Search WikiFX on Google Play or App Store, or download WikiFX App through the following link: https://bit.ly/WikiFXApp2

    2.Search “Nigeria event” at the “Wiki Forum” section or find the activity post - [Nigeria Event-June]Discuss and win 2500 Naira Mobile Phone Credit! at the list of top posts. During the event, participants can have one chance to win the reward after signing up per day at the event post and answer one of the questions below.

    Question 1: What’s the influence of FOMC Meeting on forex?
    Question 2: What’s the trend of Precious Metal?
    Question 3: What’s the influence of the second round of EU-UK trade negotiations on forex?
    Question 4: What’s the influence of Post-lockdown Oil Cuts on forex?
    Question 5: What’s the influence of changes in job market on forex?

    And each participant still can get the chance per day by answering the questions you are interested if he or she has answered all the questions in the first day. Each participant will have up to 8 chances to win the reward during the event, only one chance per day, come to sign up and answer the daily questions for more chances to win the reward!

    E/ Event prize:
    Number of unique participants is below 120; ₦2,500 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 20
    Number of unique participants is above 120; ₦2,500 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 30
    Number of unique participants is above 250; ₦2,500 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 50
    Number of unique participants is above 500; ₦5,000 mobile phone credit; Number of winners: 100

    F/ Prize draw rules:
    After the event, winners will be drawn from the list of eligible users.(the number of winners depends on the total number of unique participants during the event) It should be noted that each user account is eligible for one entry of the draw, regardless of the number of comments posted.
    Check more rules in photo album.

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