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    Industry New Year Coin Gift!(Guidance for Getting our Coins)

    Guidance for Laos: https://bit.ly/34ziRdd
    Guidance for Myanmar: https://bit.ly/3heyDiM
    Our campaign won't end after Chirstmas!


    【Part 1- The Gift Token Introduction】

    Wikibit, a blockchain project, integrates blockchain technology and
    big data into Internet credit supervision to fight against scams in digital currency and
    other financial fields. It's gift token/digital coin/digital asset - Wikibit coin, will be listed on blockchain
    exchange at mid-March 2021.You can exchange it in blockchain exchange for cash in
    2021, and the cash can be transferred to your bank account. 100 Wikibit coin=1USDT

    【Part 2 - How to Get the Gift Token?】

    Wikibit coin is digital money so it needs to be stored in a kind of app called "digital
    money wallet", the wallet I use is
    Atoken(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wallet.gem.com.atoken&hl=en_ US&gl=US).and

    You need to provide an ETH wallet address of the wallet, then you can store your
    digital money there.

    【Part 3 - How to Get an ETH Wallet Address?】

    *Step 1 (see picture attached ): Download Atoken or imToken(I think Atoken is easier to use). Open the app and choose the button of creating your wallet and register.

    *Step 2&3&4 (see picture attached )

    *Step 5 (see picture attached ): copy the ETH wallet address

    *Step 6: Open https://www.wikibit.cc/ and log in. If you can’t receive the
    verification code with your phone number on WikiBit webiste, please try with your
    email or delete the “0”at the beginning of the number you input. For your interests, please don’t lose your ETH address.

    *Step 7(see picture attached ): Paste your ETH wallet address here and click the “Receive” button

    *Step 8(see picture attached ): Copy the invitation link or save the QR code. Share it to your friends and get more gift coins.

    【Please Note】

    1) You can get 100 coins if you use your own ETH wallet address. You will get
    another 50 coins for every one more person you invite successfully. If you invite 20
    persons totally and they get our coin(100 coins per person),then you can get totally
    1600 coins(including another 500 coins reward). All of the coins will be distributed
    automatically.(If your invitees reach 20, then you can get 2100 coins totally on Dec.25, i.e. Christmas)

    2) The gift coin (called Wikibit Coin) will be transferred to your ETH wallet address
    after around 2 months. The reason is, at that time the gift token will be changed into
    USDT by the company, and what in your wallet will not be Wikibit Coin, but USDT
    which can be withdrawn and changed into cash directly.

    3) If you meet any other problems, please inbox us via M.me/wikifxglobal

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